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Maas Ecosystem – Gateway to your Favourite digital assets

Fast & Secure platform for seamless trading experience with best-in-class liquidity & execution. Limitless trading on-chain agnostic platform offering more than 40 blockchain protocols & 750+ tokens on Ethereum & major layer-2 protocols

Robust & Secure Infrastructure

Defi enabled wallet

Competitive Fees & Low Spread

Our Services

A Complete Crypto Lifecycle Platform



CFD trading of basic coins includes hypothesizing on value development through digital currency exchange.



As part of the mining cycle, bitcoins are generated and new exchanges are authorized by the organization.



Using a check card is one method to spend cryptographic money. This allows you to spend your cryptocurrency.



Banking with digital currencies allows individuals to store their assets electronically or to use them as cash.



Decentralized Financedescribes monetary administrations on open blockchains, primarily Ethereum.

Brief about our services

  • Spot & Margin Trading
  • Futures & Crypto Derivatives
  • 100,000 transactions per second and ultra low latency trading experience
  • Wide Market Coverage – 40 protocols & 750+ tokens
  • USDT, BTC, ETH & INR Trading Pair
  • Deep Liquidity & low spreads
  • Real Time settlement
  • Powerful Web Sockets & REST API
  • Layer 2 Support – Solana, Polygon, BSC tokens
  • DEFI Enabled Wallet
  • Wallet Connect Integrated
  • Gas Tank for ETH, BSC, SOL & Polygon Tokens
  • Upto 90% cheaper ETH Transactions
  • Gas refund for eth txn**
  • Trading fee rebate**
  • Higher yield deposit account**
  • Cashback on using crypto debit cards/ticketing
  • Yield farming through various defi protocols
  • Crypto debit cards
  • Movie/event ticket booking
  • Travel booking

Crypto Banking

  • High yield crypto savings account
  • Integration of 3rd party platforms such as Nexo / Celcius

Fiat Banking

  • Crypto on-ramp & off-ramp
  • Eu IBAN accounts through 3rd party banking service provider
  • SEPA / SWIFT enabled
  • Crypto trading enabled
  • EUR / USD / GBP enabled
  • Worldwide fiat withdrawal for KYC customers

Highest Security Standards

With great power comes greater security

Transactions will be processed through multi-party confirmations and no one person is in control of your funds
MPC Custody
Funds kept in multiple wallets – Hot, Warm and Cold Wallets
3-tier Wallet Architecture
Third-party penetration test and audit to identify & mitigate security vulnerability will be conducted periodically
Security Compliance
Default requirement of MFA for accessing your account or withdrawing funds
100% Secured Account

What sets us apart

  • Instant Withdrawal & Deposits
  • Low confirmation Crypto deposits
  • Wide Coverage – 40 Protocols & 750+ Tokens from Major Layer-2 protocols
  • Global Debit Card
  • High Yield Deposits & Staking
  • Fast onboarding & KYC
  • Best Trading UI
  • Charting & Analytics

Defi Wallet
Crypto debit card
Lending & Staking
NFT Marketplace
Spot Margin & Trading
Crypto fiat banking

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Technology Partners

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